Dejan and Michelle A

Serving in Europe

We are passionate about global missions and love helping people connect to God.As full time missionaries they have served for the last 15 years in different contexts. Dejan has been focusing for a number of years on reaching Muslims. He completed two masters degrees (Christian and Islamic theology) and did his PhD in the anthropology of Islam. He spent thousands of hours talking to Muslims, trying to understand what they truly believe and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with them. After finishing his doctorate in Oxford, he was invited to train and equip students for full time ministry at one of the leading seminaries in the German speaking world.This strategically important position allows him to invest in the next generation of leaders to spread the Good News about the Kingdom of God in Europe and the rest of the world. Dejan travels internationally throughout Western and Eastern Europe, teaching courses on church planting, evangelism and missions. Michelle is focusing on helping people overcome trauma and past hurts. She is an artist, a dancer and trauma therapist. She has worked with artists, at women's crisis centers and in projects regarding ethnic reconciliation. She has a love for the broken and is an incredibly good listener. Dejan and Michelle have an 8 year old boy who is very musical and into reading Tolkien and Lewis.

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